Converging the organization toward a new consciousness level, it becomes self-learning and self-adapting.


A structure in line with the new level of consciousness is effective and efficient beyond anything before.


The Compresence model aims to generate full presence, awareness and empowerment at all levels of the life experience.


We have created a training program for new coaches through a three-year process that is first and foremost deeply transformative.


Our Approach

The momentum we are experiencing is epochal, and organizations are undergoing a radical transformation. Do you want to leave it to fate or lead the change and seize the opportunities that are emerging.

Welcome to Compresence, where people become experts in seizing the opportunities of the emerging future together. Becoming 'compresent' is not just a matter of learning tools, but of completely changing one's perspective.

Compresence is the full presence and readiness of what emerges in the space between. It is what we call the “human side”.

We believe Compresence is a coaching model that does people, the economy and the planet good. We look forward to training new coaches during a process that is first and foremost deeply transformative. Compresence coaches are agents of change from the interactions they create and maintain on a daily basis.

Find a

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Can't you handle waiting? Here is a technique to start right away: 3 steps to create an alliance between you and your people.


I participated in the "Co-creating Opportunities" course that Nova Pyramid created and delivered online for AIG to train a panel of managers on the emerging future. I appreciated that the intervention was eminently practical and how the activities - that combined multiple and innovative approaches - allowed for engagement even remotely and facilitated authentic transformation. Of the one-to-one coaching sessions, I appreciated the consciousness based process, focused on identifying and pursuing self-realization.

ROBERTO NARD – CFO Emea AIG Group, Luxembourg

I participated in the Compresence course designed and delivered by Nova Pyramid. I found that the innovative and rigorous approach facilitated a paradigm shift to address the emerging future. I appreciated the sensitivity and professionalism with which the trainer accompanied the group and the individuals, with helpfulness, competence and courtesy.

BARBARA MONTEPILLI – Head of Management Academy Poste Italiane, Italy

I had the pleasure of having some sessions with the Compresence coach as an executive coaching process, within a course they gave in my company. I can confirm that they are great professionals, very rigorous in their work and with great personal resources to undertake it. They helped me to identify my strengths and enhance them, set goals and improve efficiency in my professional development to achieve them. Without any doubt I will repeat in the future.