A New Paradigm is Emerging

The momentum we are experiencing is epochal and organizations are undergoing a radical transformation. Do you want to leave it to fate or lead the change and seize the opportunities that are emerging.

From competition to cooperation.

The leadership of our lives and organizations has since the beginning of time been led by what we can call the belligerent ego. Today, the competitive paradigm is giving way to a collaborative model, accelerated by the technologies of global both physical and communicative connection. Where does the company end and the market begin? When is it time for work, when for private life? And what is the product made of, matter or experience?

Sometimes it seems like a dreamer’s illusion, but we are not the only one (semicit.): the signs are evident even in the most prosaic areas. Recently, the largest global financial fund required leaders of its organizations to revolutionize their approach. It is now a given: the profit comes from pursuing a purpose, not the contrary. The boundaries between work-life and family life are blurring, and new hires are demanding more than a salary, but a sense of purpose to their professional action that becomes the main route to self-actualization. Even on the market and marketing front, customers no longer so much demand a product with appropriate quality and price, but demand coherence with one’s identity, i.e. a value alignment as much in the “thing” – functions, but also design, status assertion, belonging – as in the way of producing it. They bond with the enterprise like a friend on Instagram.

What is emerging is a great opportunity.

We can lead the change or let it lead us. Organizations are evolving in a direction that-from a systemic coaching point of view-seems to bring forth today as never before-a collective consciousness. As with the individual coachee, we can let values, beliefs and loyalties remain in the shadows and, in Jung’s words, convince ourselves that they are casua-lties or understand the link between consciousness and outcomes in the world, and leading the causation.

At a time when production is delegated to machines and cognitive thinking to AI, we can and must rewrite the role of people in the world of work: no longer human resources, but creators of value from people to people. This means completely changing approach not only in what we generate (experiences that improve you), but also and especially how. Also because, when customers, suppliers and employees are connected to the organization and to each other 24 h and the user experience starts well before and continues after the purchase, the way we work and communicate it is part of the product!

A new soft skill is emerging.

That is why we believe in the need for a profoundly new human competence. Compresence™ is the full presence and readiness of what emerges in the space between. It is what we call the “human side”.