Organizations always adapt themselves to a new paradigm. So is yours.
Will you let it be or lead the change?


The organization consolidates and directs its adaptive capacity by keeping aligned with its purpose and founding guiding principles, becoming the entire collective "present" and thus able to stand within and co-create from the emerging future.


Through systemic-based workshops, people intuitively align with the business purpose and founding guiding principles, and identify the path to sustainably maintain such alignment.

Through the use of techniques based on bodily, spatial and relational intelligence, our workshops accompany people to create from the "space in between" bypassing cognitive biases. Unexpected and previously unthinkable solutions emerge.

The coach provides the basic guidance for starting agile and lean practices,  participates in work life, in initiating operational practices and communication flow, addressing issues and potentials.


Structure, processes and procedures consistent with the new organizational consciousness are effective and efficient beyond any previous framework.

Leaders and top managers, partnered with our professionals in accompanying the change, generate new kinds of flows and new roles. Functions, no longer identified in the person and the curriculum, become available to emerging talent. Procedures are gradually revised in the direction of maximum flexibility, coordination between people and departments is lean.


The coach's intervention is only momentum, while he/she can take on the function of a private mentor in accompanying a manager toward taking on his/her new role. In fact, roles are established not on the basis of a resume, but identified in workshops and assigned on the basis of the aspirations and talent that emerge during the porcess. This means that people become fully engaged and sustainably motivated, and the organization begins to turn as one.


    The process is based on a series of structured and guided workshops based on our Systemic Coaching by Values in which the team will be facilitated in identifying: purpose, guiding principles, annual goals, action plan.
    We will deploy the latest methodologies based on generating action plans through co-creation emerging from the interaction of constellation coaching. The co-authorship will ensure that the new organization will literally design itself out on the basis of the wisdom of its members.
    Through weekly membership meetings with the support of the coach, the following will be addressed from time to time: tactical objectives, detailed processes (identification, trial, standardization) procedural elements.