We no longer need human resources, but value generators.

Compresence™ is a new and necessary skill: the relational mindfulness, intended as full presence to intrapsychic, interpersonal and systemic dynamics, focused on personal but also organizational performance.


The Transformation Program is our most ambitious training scheme for the corporate world, aiming to enable managers, leaders and in general facilitators of change in the organization to engage and empower their people.


We no longer need human resources, but value generators.

A profound change in perspective, which also impacts personal experience, takes place: the external phenomenon becomes a function and consequence of the inner state. At the team level this means accessing collective intelligence through systemic and organizational constellation methodologies. Classroom practices and individual exercises aim to generate an alignment of individuals to their own personal purpose, that of the team, and to make facilitators of change in the collective whole.


  1. In the individual.- High levels of performance through attention to and management of internal and relational dynamics.- Increased sense of trust in self, others, relationships.- Mirroring and connecting in view of a common purpose.
  2. In the team.- Ability to reduce stress levels, improving resilience in stages of change.- Self-organization consistent with the guiding principles- Creative adaptation fostered by purpose-driven processes.
  3. In the organization- The state of centeredness of the leaders spreads to the base with a reduction in replacement costs and generalized well-being.- Success is sustainable and lasting In the service of guiding principles.


The Co-creating Opportunities Program is the entry level of Compresence™ training and targets managers, especially "high potentials", destined to become role models for the future.
New leaders acquire the basics of creating and managing a context in which mission, shared values, and a climate of trust facilitate motivation and mobilization of people. They learn how to accompany the team to generate authentically innovative solutions because they arise from what is emerging in the here-and-now in the interaction between people and people, between people and project, and project and recipients.
Through 3 modules - possibly online - it proposes the acquisition of individual (mindfulness), relational (authentic and creative contact) and systemic (leader coach) skills for managing a team that we call co-creative.
Duration: 12 hrs.


Today, a new approach is required for resource mobilization and soft skills that enable the individual and the organization to deploy lightning-fast proactivity and adaptability.
Through the development of mindful interpersonal skills and the basics of systemic coaching, the Transformation Program accompanies managers to a total change of perspective. Hierarchical leadership hands over to an agile and collaborative approach, in which answers to challenges and new solutions emerge from the spontaneous and creative interaction of people.
By equipping participants with techniques for both individual and group use, the process takes them through a transformation that makes them agents of continuous change from their interactions in the various groups.
The 6 in-person or 12 remote modules (every 4 weeks), with online intermediate tutoring, develop personal (mindfulness), relational (authentic and creative contact) and systemic (leader coach) skills.
Duration: 60 hrs.