At a time when production is delegated to machines and cognitive thinking to AI, we can and must rewrite the role of people in the world of work: no longer human resources, but creators of value from people to people. This means completely changing approach to what we generate (not things, but experiences that improve), and also and especially how we produce. That is why we believe in the need for a profoundly new human competence. Compresence is the full presence and readiness of what emerges in the space between. It is what we call the “human side”.


We believe Compresence™ is a coaching model that is beneficial to people, the economy, and the planet.

We have created a training program for new coaches through a three-year process that is first and foremost deeply transformative: Compresence™ coaches are agents of change already from the interactions they create and maintain on a daily basis.


We prepare professionals who accompany people and organizations through change. We work over the course of a three-year program to equip them with tools to facilitate systemic looking, full presence, shadow work, and from there full and authentic contact in relationships.

These relationships are as much between interlocutors as between internal parties. The Compresence™ method assumes that external and internal worlds are each other’s hologram.

Coming to a deep understanding of this paradigm, which is inevitably collaborative, naturally requires the practitioner to undergo an important evolution of consciousness. That is why we integrate work on technique with personal work. (And this cannot happen overnight).


    Theory and technique of phenomenology and the systems approach. Techniques for recognizing one’s own and the interlocutor’s dynamics and generating through powerful questions a change in perspective.
    Understand the basics of systemic coaching and the concept of center, in coaching people. Recognize dysfunctional patterns and their function in the system. Techniques for working on the shadow to bring to light the beliefs that bind us to the pattern and make it difficult to connect with emotions, people, and challenging experiences.
    Managing and accompanying in the management of internal parts as well as organizations. Systemic constellation techniques and other methodologies for solution emergence. Team and group techniques for generating creative action plans.